Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day One - and a little twist...

So - today was day one. Remember - no DRIVING on Broad - I *can* cross over it - but no actual driving on Broad Street.

I went to Church - UALC, Mill Run. As I drove, I explained to my children the rules of the challenge. They got REALLY excited and asked me for all the details of the trip.

We left Home Base, took Sullivant to Wilson to 70W to 270N. Easy Peasy!
We went to lunch afterwards at the Cracker Barrel off Rome Hilliard with Syed - the issuer of this little challenge....

Talk quickly turned to the challenge...and I *might* have been shooting my mouth off a little and said "HA! A week - it's SO easy!! Heck - I'm really only going to have 2 days this week to worry about!"...

Somehow or another, I found myself encouraging Syed to increase the challenge....

And I've found myself NOW committed to a FULL month of not driving on Broad.

Yikes. What in the world did I get myself into?

A week - that was nothing. NO sweat.

But a MONTH!?


But - I did decide on what I win....Syed will have to fold and put away ALL of the laundry at my house once a week for a solid month.

Let me tell you - My two little rockstars and I - we can make some SERIOUS laundry.

Syed has yet to come up with a consequence if I fail....Heck - maybe he's seen the light and realizes that I'm going to make it.... HA!

So - after lunch, it was off to the Flower Factory on Clime...Normally I'd take Hilliard Rome to Broad to Georgesville.

This time I just hopped on 70 to 270 to Georgesville to Clime. And a quick trip to Walmart followed - right on Georgesville.

There wasn't really a chance for any Broad Street action.

Day 1 = SUCCESS!

Day 2 shouldn't be a concern either....I don't even have to go near the ol' Rte. 40!

Feel free to follow me on Twitter...or tease me, as some of my friends have begun doing - by bragging about their trips down Broad.


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